Bioregional pattern: the net

netpattern screenshotThe third pattern I am using for bioregioning is the net. In order to create this post I am using the power of the net; both the internet and my brain. It is amazing to think that as I write these words I am using the neural network in my head and the internet to communicate my thoughts with others.

Neural networks are truly empowering tools. The internet has already vastly increased connectivity between people across the planet, enabling to share information in many different ways. It lends itself to non-hierarchical ways of thinking, although hierarchical systems can infiltrate and reconfigure the pattern for top-down, dominating ends.

I have created a network for the 20 or so projects and connections I am pursuing to help turn my bioregion into a reality, not just a concept. It is a great idea to create such a mindmap because it helps organise one’s various ideas into a structure and to work out which ones are developing rich threads of connections. For example, the LAND centre network seems to be particularly fruitful for me at the moment

LAND means Learning and Demonstration network and is organised by the British Permaculture Association. Daisy Cottage in Tarbert is now a registered centre as well as an emergent bioregional hub, offering courses and workshops on permaculture and nature-connection.

So: what we need to do to co-create our bioregions is to combine all the best qualities of the 3 patterns. They are: the net – non-hierarchical, self-organising, connectivity; the tree – distribution of resources, triage; the nest – grounding, earth connection, belonging.

About edwardtyler

I live in Kintyre, the long peninsula acting as a natural breakwater for the Firth of Clyde, west of Glasgow. A Permaculture and Transition practitioner, I am working with fellow community activists to co-create a resilient and vibrant local bioregion.

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